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YWP - WebPress User Guide YWP - WebPress User Guide
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Content Management

Main Page (Home)

The first page of your website people will see is the Main Page. This is the site's home page and should serve as an anchor for the rest of the site. 
Manage Your Articles

Your WebPress site is made up of many different types of pages.  Some pages are completely generated by built-in modules. Some pages are created by you and are blank until you add content.  The pages you have the most control over are called Articles. 
The Page Footer

The Page Footer will display at the bottom of all pages. It can be disabled on a per-Article basis and on the Main Page.
Using a Splash Page

A Splash Page is a page that your users will see before they see your site's main page.  You can create a splash screen to display some content to your users before they enter your site.  By default, the Splash Page will contain an "Enter" link that links to your site's main page.  Also, by default, once inside your site, your users will not see another link to the Splash Page .  The Splash Page begins as a blank page - your site's header graphics, sidemenu, and footer will not appear on the Splash Page .
Topmenu Links

The Topmenu is an essential part of your site that is built into WebPress.  Topmenu links help your users navigate your website.
Exit Page

An Exit Page can warn site visitors when they are about to leave your website. If there is an external link somewhere in your site and a user attempts to leave your site via this external link, an Exit Page will let them know they are about to do so willingly.