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WebPress has security functionality built in to your site.  When adding articles and and calendar events to your site, you will notice the two settings related to security, Group Access and Group Owner.

Viewable By (Security)

Viewable By (Security) determines the lowest level group that can see a certain article. For example, if you have created a group called "Employees" and this group is level 10, you could create an article called "Employee Policies" and set a Group Access to (10) Employees.  After this is set, you will not see a sidemenu link to this article or be allowed to view this article until you are logged in as a member of the right group.  If you are logged in as a member of a level 30 "Managers" group, you will also be able to see the "Employee Policies" page, since 30 is bhigher than 10.  If you are logged in as a member of the (99) Super Administrators group, you will be able to see anything on the site regardless of its security setting.  If you are logged in as a member of the level 10 "Customers" group, you would not be able to see our "Employee Policies" article because while that group is not the same group as the "Employees" group, and it is not higher than the "Employees" group.

Group Ownership

Group Ownership determines the group that has the ability to administer and edit an parts of the site.  There are only two levels of groups that can administer parts of the site: (98) Article Administrators and custom level 98 groups, and (99) Super Administrators.  First, you can create a group called "Newsletter Editors" and set it to level 98, and then add users to this group.  Next, you can create an article called "Newsletter" and set its Group Ownership to (98) Newsletter Editors.  A member of the group (98) Sub-Administrators would not be able to modify this article, but a member of the (98) Newsletter Editors group would be able to modify the article.  As a member of the (99) Administrators group, you can modify anything on the site.  You could also, for example give a group administrative access to nothing but the Calendar or the Editors page.  If you want to give certain people administrative access only to certain parts of the site, see Add a new Group.

Viewable By (Security) can be applied to Articles, Calendar Events, Commentsand Event Types, and the site itself.  Also, Photo Galleries and General Listings have the same Group Access as the article to which they are attached.


Users are the individuals who have a username and a password for your site.  Each individual is a member of at least one Group.  A user can be a member of multiple groups.
User Groups

User Groups are heart of your site's security.  When you choose access or ownership privilidges for certain parts of your site, such as specific Articles, you choose from the list of Groups.

These security settings administer the entire site.