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Content Blocks are a new feature within the Content Pages section of WebPress. Using this feature you can create dynamic, editable areas which can be displayed across your site with ease.

A great example of Content Blocks is the brand new website for 101.9 KISS FM at http://www.kissjonesboro.com. You'll notice the home page is made of "blocks" of content which varies from photos, to flash movies and RSS feeds.

Using Content Blocks allows you to edit each individual block instead of the page as a whole (which can be tricky if you have several nested tables).

So, how to get started? No problem...

First you will want to create the structure of the page which will contain the Content Blocks. So head over to Admin > Content Pages > Articles and Add a New Article. You'll want to create a few tables. For example, let's say we want three blocks across the top of the article. You will need to create a one row, three column table with a width of 100%. Now, save this article.

Now that you have a structure to work in, you will want to head over to Admin > Content Pages > Content Blocks and Add a New Content Block. You'll notice several different types of blocks available to you (HTML, Poll. RSS, or Menu). HTML Content Blocks will generally be the most common type, so we'll use that as our example.


Create a table within the Graphical Editor and insert your photos, text, or whatever else you may be inserting into your Content Block.

Now that you have created your Content Block you can head back to your article and use the new Insert Embeddable Item icon within the toolbar of the graphical editor to insert this block within your table cells.


Once embedded you will see an embed "tag" within the table cell.


This is the final product and what it will look like when visitors come to your site:


Another useful feature of Content Blocks is the ability to see which articles or menus the block is embedded in. When editing a Content Block, the items that the block is embedded in will appear at the top of the page: