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Move Files to a Different Directory


You can move files into a new directory.  If a file is already linked to in an article, you must edit that link to direct to the new directory.

To move a file to a new Directory

To move a file, click Files (Uploads) in the administration menu.

Choose the files you wish to move

In the blue column, check the box next to the file or files you wish to move then click the Move button.

Select the directory you wish to move the file to

  • The next page will ask you where you would like to move the files.  At this point, you may uncheck and files that you do not wish to move.
  • Choose a target directory from the drop down list.  The is the directory where the files will be moved to.
  • The the Move button above or below the list of files to move.
  • A confirmation page will appear telling you that the files have been moved.  There will be a link back to the files list.