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YWP - WebPress User Guide YWP - WebPress User Guide
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YWP provides an advanced content management system for a fraction of the cost of its competitors. In this manual, you will find instructions for using the basic WebPress functions as well as its more advanced features. WebPress provides something for every type of business or organization. Your site is not limited to a certain number of pages, and many of the modules built in to WebPress will help you to create dynamic content with little effort. 

When you are getting started with WebPress, you will be first interested in:

  • Editing the main page
  • Managing the other pages on the site - Articles
  • Using the Graphical Editor to edit these pages
  • Entering information for your site's Contacts page
  • Changing your site footer
  • Using the Topmenu Links
  • Creating a photo album
  • Add events to the Calendar

As part of our content management system, you will also want to be familar with the page layout. There are parts of the layout that you have complete control over, and there are parts that we help build for you. The layout and theme has certain options you may want to consider. Look at the Page Layout for more information.